Tips to help your puppy with potty training
  • Take your puppy once an hour outside to do their needs, 15 to 30 minutes after they eat or immediately the puppy wakes up. Puppies have a fast metabolism and a small bladder, so they need to go frequently.
  • Once you are outside, concentrate on the job. Keep the dog on a short lead. Do not play with them until your puppy is done. Allow sniffing as it plays an important role in the ritual of dog house training. After your pet is done, reward with time outside to explore.
  • If your dog is too excited to be outside and cannot concentrate, pace on a short lead back and forth. This will speed up the process.
  • Once the puppy is done praise and be very proud of the dead. Being positive and encouraging will speed up the dog house training.
  • If the dog is outside off the leash, stand still and do not interact with your dog until the job is done.
  • At home watch for signs that indicate the puppy is searching for a place to urinate. Pacing, whining, sniffing could be some of the indicators.
  • If your pup starts to leak once you lift him/her, place a cloth in the genital’s area. This will stimulate inhibition.
  • If you have an older dog who is already house trained, take him/her with on walks. Puppies learn quicker by copying other’s behaviour.